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duhConversation ||||||||||||||| This website offers a look into the animated film cartoon "Duh... Conversation" as a project and experiment in modern animation production. As part of the Animation Institute Program offered at Capilano College, North Vancouver, BC, this animated short was produced. The focus of the project aiming at employing multiple animation techniques, within a tightly planned pipeline of processes. Brief Production Parts Story planning Storyboarding animatic Scene planning and Layout rough bg and poses voice recording and acting sound & music planning Background painting rough pencil drawing Computer modelling and texturing bicycle skateboard computer animation rigging duct tape simulation bicycle chain custom scripted tools computer animation birds hand drawn animation stills, animation digital ink and paint process Title cards and Credits compositing and final output Final sound recording Example Scene creation sc 15 storyboard layout BG painting rough animation Software used: Macromedia Flash Adobe After Effects CorelDraw Adobe Illustrator 3DSMax Adobe Photoshop Corel Painter flash movie video David Gill animator